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"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone!" - Ronald Reagan

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What we do

Help spread smile and happiness!
Imagine this

You're at your favorite eatery - you order the must-haves, eat to your heart's content & when the bill arrives..

Surprise Surprise

..it's been Paid Forward!!

Pay It Forward

How would you feel? Would you want to pass this on?

Come Join Us

While the aim is to spread awareness about food-wastage and malnutrition, with this small act of gratitude we'd like to see happy-surprised-smiling faces all around.

2020 Our Target
100 Partners Onboard
10000 Moments Created
1 Who’s missing? You.

How can you help?

Wondering how you can pitch in? Here’s how!

Are you a food savior? Help us bridge the gap between partners that have excess food to those in need


Believe in our cause? Help us raise funds to enable a greater outreach

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Know of someone who could use our services? Please connect


Fellow foodie? Come partner with us to make sure the excess doesn’t go to the bin